orville peck


i’m 100% doing that thing where I’m like omg, have you heard about this singer that everyone already knows about but I just found out about them last week and I feel like I personally discovered them - stop what you’re doing you have to listen to them, etc. etc.

anyway have you heard about Orville Peck?

‘Orville Peck is a country musician based in Canada. He wears a fringed mask and has never shown his face publicly.’ the mystique! the unconfirmed drummer from a punk band??, he writes moody songs under his country persona about romance and struggle. there’s a good interview with him for Attitude where he talks about how connected he feels to country music as a gay man, saying ‘The thing that I connected with country music when I was a kid is it’s about isolation, heartbreak, disappointment. That’s the gay experience for everyone at some point. I feel like that music is written for people who feel like the minority or feel somehow alienated.’ You can read the rest of the interview here.

anyway can’t stop listening. My nan was big into elvis but I’ve never listened to elvis and now I think I definitely should. I’ll leave you with 2 songs :) > > >