good post day today!


obviously i ignore almost all the things that come in the post. only bad things come in the post. bills. things i have to faff around and sort out (and i never do). if i ever get any fun packages, they arrive to the parcel shop down the road. so the things that come thru my letterbox are ALMOST ALWAYS 100% BAD VIBES.

except… these bits n bobs which came thru over the course of the past week or so. thank u to everyone who sent these bits n bobs bc you’re helping me recalibrate my personal feelings of animosity towards my post.


i wrote a lil fun thing for Crack magazine! they made a lil zine about being actually there in the crowd for those rare sweaty live music moments and i wrote about the Jai Paul show i went to a couple months back.

it was a fun exercise! i love thinking about these moments in culture – IRL gigs feel fewer, further, more special to me in my (new) old age & post lockdown and i love jai paul so much, i rly jumped at this opportunity to go on public record as his NUMBER ONE MOST ENTHUSIASTIC FAN. i’m sure i’m not really, i know i’m not really! but dyou ever love something so much ur just like YES to every chance u can get to tell people about how good it is? anyway anyway.

the photos were by Anna-Rose McChesney who was absolutely lovely! n shot them between digital and medium format, which i was annoyingly nosy about. so cool, cameras are so cooooool! here’s a BTS pic

if u wana have a read n cba to get ur hands on the physical copy, it is also digital, n can have a read here. & JAI PAUL, if u r reading this, WE REALLY ALL DO LOVE U SO MUCH AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT!! HOPE UR HAVING A NICE DAY MWAH MWAH LOV U MWAH MWAH MWAH XXXXX


joan very kindly sent some lil new bits from their current run, series 4. have a peep at them here

and i was honestly thrilled bc i LOVE sally o’reilly! reviewed her book, Crude, a couple years back. so:: really looking forward to reading help in cucumbers, hopefully in the sun somewhere soon :)

and the other one from series 4 i’m most keen about is Susan Finlay’s the lives of the artists - i j feel like it’s going to be one of those books that i geniunely will professionally take a lot away from. jam packed. think we should have a book club where we all read this and then get together to drink wine, eat breadsticks, and talk about it. haha that’s actually such a good idea, mostly bc i love breadsticks.


finally got my hands on a copy of turps mag,, the kind of thing i’d flick thru in the library at uni, instead of going hunting between the shelves for that one lat copy of baudrillard’s simulations that i INEVITABLY would still not actually read (that’s a chic joke, i have actually read simulations. the issue was: i didn’t understand or remember a single word of it. damn.)

and it was like !!! a reminder of how good print magazines are? like i was flipping thru on the tube, warm evening, i had a lil glass of wine and that’s a physical experience that screens j cannot really replicate. made me feel really nostalgic and warm about the benefit of a physical publication, esp one that comes out twice a year. that’s a pace i really respect. it was also a throwback, warm nostalgia warm evening warm warm warm – glad for it!

this is actually sooooo cheeky of me to brag about

got this advanced reader copy of One Woman Show, by Christine Coulson. i don’t think it’s out yet, i don’t think this is the proper cover – i think this is literally the TBC copy they send out so reviewers can read it soooo fast ahead of publication properly.

anyway, i thought i’d mention it bc, though i haven’t read it yet, the blurb actually really got me. like, i’d buy this in waterstones with my own money. the blurb: ‘One Woman Show revolves around the life of Kitty Whitaker as she is defined by her potential for display and moved from collection to collection through multiple marriages.' »> it sounds like & i hope it IS actually weird fiction-y slippage between real life/art and imagination. anyway – excited 2 read that!

this didn’t come in the post but

i might as well mention it since all the things that came in the post are book but

my lovely boyfriend lent me this book about Latin America, ‘a powerful survey of a continent’s under-development and the role of foreign capital and national politics in that process’ – bc i was nattering on to him about this thing i read about the spanish conquest of the Aztec empire – and he secretly was like ‘o i know’ and had loads more fun facts to tell me ??? i was like ‘?? HOW do you just know this that’s mental, so cool’ and, tbh he just knows loads of things, WISH I KNEW LOADSA THINGS TOO! so now i am ransacking his bookshelf hehehehe.

apparently ‘following the book’s publication, it was banned by military governments in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay’ – which is exciting! anyway. looking forward to being sooooo full of knowledge and understanding. we going »> non-fiction era :))))))

that’s all, bye xxxxxx