psycho nymph exile


i was working with a game designer on a project recently and she told me one of the references she was thinking about while making her latest piece was Psycho Nymph Exile. I was warned it had trigger and content warnings for everything, so obviously I knew I had to read it. The text, by Porpentine Charity Heartscape, is a ‘post-anime sapphic gurowave trauma-romance.’ I can’t even tell you what gurowave means but I can share you one or two of my favourite quotes from the book (the book that i bought for pennies as a pdf on itch and then PHYSICALLY walked to Arcadia Missa in London to buy the real version IN A HEATWAVE because I had read + loved + been bewildered by the pdf that I felt like buying a physical version would help me understand it better… but i dont think understanding is even altogether necessary because I enjoyed it either way, the funny rush of it, the imagery, the lore, the specific intoxicated state of the aesthetic of the writing and its acidic and soupy poetry)

anyway quotes

‘I wish seven angels were kneeling around my prone body saying we will take care of you forever.’


‘This is not the earth, where things are weighed down. This is the air, where porn physics reign. A furnace where hundreds of thousands of dollars burn to make real life feel like someone’s aesthetic blog. They must live in this hyper-real atmosphere like alien birds.’


‘If blood relations are seen as superior because they precede intent, creating that bond deliberately feels powerful, like the creation of a shadow lineage.’


and then there’s lots of sex and death but i almost dont wanna give that stuff away?

you can get it here


real book:

so good so much ah