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to celebrate valentines day, we have partnered with the pure app ~ the dating app that is anything but boring ~ to share some of the sexiest paintings we could find. Some classics, some contemporary pieces. All of it 🔥. Culture is not hot enough nowadays! like, in general. There’s even more art on our corresponding instagram post but we wanted to save the explicit stuff for the blog where no one can report us lmao. Thanks to The Pure App + ENJOY:

low angle painting from between a white woman's legs, lying down, focused on her dark pubic hair

l’origine du monde by gustave courbet. the ANGLE, the BUSH, the hint of boob, the in media res suggestion.

dreamy painting of two naked men, one green one brown, one of them floating down onto the lying down one, green body with white wings, with a pink background and a sea with boats

yayati by bhupen khakhar, it looks like a DREAM, the green angel guy floating down, dicks ! almost ! touching, so tense but also NOT tense at all because of the softness of the way it is all painted

an octopus is eating a naked japanese lady out and another smaller one is kissing her, tentacles wrapped all around

the dream of the fisherman’s wife by hokusai, classic best naughtiest piece of shunga from way back when, 1814. Still influencing culture to this day.

an octopus is eating a naked japanese lady out and another smaller one is kissing her, tentacles wrapped all around

Elena Garrigolas, on instagram as internetsect hence the ui over the screenshot, lots of batshit art, some of it sexy, some of it the total opposite, but i think this is .. er.. the best one. also pairs well with Hokusai :p

a lesbian couple with legs intwined, naked on a bed

le sommeil by courbet again, feels tame after the last two but i am including it because it NICE. it was commissioned by a turkish diplomat. It was reported by the police. okay maybe it isn’t tame. 19th century drama.

young pedro with dyed black hair and earrings

a drawing by nettle grellier who is also on insta and does some coool weird shit. idk what it is about the weirder side of art that is so engaging when it comes to sex as subject matter, but i like wondering why

a black woman is lying in a dark bedrooom, arms behind her head, frame by a spotlight like she is on a stage

nude (spotlight) by kerry james marshall, urgh i love this. the way the spotlight makes the bed into a stage, the way every bedroom should come with a spotlight for a good performance. The blue sheets outside of the light, the hands behind the head, waiting. it’s so cool, i love it!!!

a woman swinging on a tree with her dress flying to the side and a man licking her clit from below, his dick poking out of yellow pants, victorian style

I found this one via the vagina museum’s ig, where they described it as ‘Illustration from “Invocation à l’amour” (invocation to love), a book of songs and poems. 1825, artist and author unknown. Courtesy of Wellcome Images.’ so thank you vagina museum via wellcome for this excellent image, it’s so bizarre

a threesome painted in a faux rennaissance style with a standing man shagging a man who is shagging a woman lying down

also via the vagina museum, ‘From “De Figuris Veneris”, a collection of illustrations of fictional scenes from Greek and Roman mythology by Édouard-Henri “Paul” Avril (1849-1928)’ – thank you again for bringing this to my attention

a naked black woman is raised on her knees, red fabric tied around her waist, and kind of leaning back slightly with monstera plants behind her

another artist recommended to us via instagram, somaya critchlow paints loads of similar scenes of solo black women, not all necessarily sexy but the lighttttt in this one! i loved the matte, twilight kind of evening colours, which is what i think brings sex to mind, like it’s just about to happen ~

japanese woodblock of a couple kissing, and the man is fingering the woman who has wetness dripping down, and the man's dick is huge

another erotic woodblock, this time by kitagawa utamaro from 1799. look how big the dick is. look how wet she is. look at all the swirling shapes along the bottom around the fabrics and into the background, like our vision is loosening up from pleasure

a very pink painting of a red lip mouth sucking on a big toe with red nail vanrish and drips

this is called loyalty by tao siqi, and this is one for the FOOT people, a sexy close up, those drips across the toes, the colour of the nails in a pattern with the toes, the warmth of the colours, and the CROP

indian mughal miniature style painting of two women sat together, one legs wrapped around the other, both a carrot in hand to use it as a dildo

who knows who made this, who knows when it is from? the only info I have is ‘Unknown, Two Women Embracing and Using Carrots as Dildos, 1900-1999’ USING CARROTS the ingenuity. I love that they are outside. I love that they have radishes in front of them to use next.

white woman on all fours naked except for a rubber horse head

whinny, woof by lydia durnall. big playful energy. big wild frantic free naked silly sunshine weirdness. what I said about weird paintings and sexiness, feels like it gets closer to that specific feeling, more than a photograph can achieve I think

woodblock of someone leaning over the backside of a woman who is on all fours and fingering her

final shunga, this one is Digging for Clams on the Seaside by Katsushika Hokusū, c. 1817 and it’s in the honolulu museum of art if anyone is dying to see it up close with their own two eyes. 1817! idk why i assume people in the past weren’t nasty. they were more fun than us.

messy painting of a brown hand gravving a dick that is painted in brown, pink, orange and white

a painting by wynnie mynerva who does all these overlapping, cloudy, drippy paintings of messes of bodies. hints of naked shapes. this example is not a hint. it is just someone grabbing a dick as hard as they can.

young pedro with dyed black hair and earrings

and finally, another bhupen khakhar painting, but this one has the best title of them all: An Old Man from Vasad Who Had Five Penises Suffered from Runny Nose.

ENJOY. thank you to Pure for sponsoring this insane content !!!!!!