Our biggest fight ever


the white pube began on monday 12 october 2015 which means it is turning SEVEN years old next week. SEVEEENNNNN YEARS OLDDDD. To celebrate we did this:

we asked you lot for questions and we recorded an Ask Me Anything. Please don’t be put off by my dumb clickbait. That’s just for the sake of the Internet. We really get into it. We talk about Zarina’s day job, the few days we worked for the Brexit festival, going viral, health, the future, what we would do if the other one died, and of course, our biggest fight ever. Timothy Chalamet. Coco. Conditioner. It’s a full plate. We made it as a video but you can listen on our podcast too if you’d prefer. Just search The White Pube on whatever podcast reader you use. We also have loads of leftover questions so we’ll record some more art + advice-dedicated episodes soon.

And if you don’t make it to the end of a fuckin bumper episode, I’ll say it here:

Thank you to the 30K regular monthly readers on the website. Thank you to the 80K on insta, the 20 whatever on Twitter, the growing baby 2K regulars on the podcast, the 705 current Patreon supporters and everyone who has been a Patreon in the past, and whoever you are reading this now. Thanks for being here and for reading, for thinking through shit with us, for sharing our work. super emotional and grateful. best job in the world. thank you thank you forever