sync watch party 05


At some point in 2020, I had a conversation with Tayyab Amin that I don’t remember because it was 2020. Anyway, we decided to put on some online events that revolve around YouTube. πŸ‘½ syncwatchparty πŸ‘½ . We would ask people to suggest some YouTube videos they liked, then Tay and I would sort out a playlist for everyone to watch at the same time. It would be sweet, and it was, and it is. There’s a chat box on the side and we all talk and joke about the content as it comes. We did a load in 2020 and then suddenly resurrected it this month. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. What a nice silly way to spend a night.

You can watch the playlists here.

2022 Sync Watch Party 05

This was my favourite video from sync watch party 05

if anyone knows where she buys her trousers from please let me know, i am in love


keep an eye on my or Tay’s twitter accounts in case we announce sync watch party 06. and in the meantime, bookmark any good youtube shit you find, we need it for scientific purposes :)