tax write off #2


I enjoyed writing the first of these loose-end blog posts, giving quick sentences to things I don’t have any interest in writing full reviews for (but want to publicly comment on so that the tax man can’t argue with me). I’ve consumed a lot of Culture over the past week because I have Covid. Haha. This blog post is all I will achieve today. I am losing my mind during this round 2 ding ding ding reinfection, so thank god for all the art other people have made because I’m too flat to make any of my own this week:

so, so, so

The Last of Us HBO series: yeah, I enjoyed it, looked forward to the once-a-week routine, and thought it was kinda fascinating and novel to see game-moments involving ladder boosts and stealth translated into TV format. But ultimately, I think the games are 100000% better. Better paced, better depth of character, and better because games are allowed to be much, much cruder with their violence which is like the whole point of the story. Also Bella Ramsey’s American accent didn’t do it for me.

I’ve watched season 2 and 3 of Gilmore Girls (for the first time) in the past few… days. I had this idea of the show in my head as having cosy, slow, warm, autumnal, hot chocolate, wholesome scenes - - and yeah, fair, fine, true. But the writing is so quick and witty! it’s like the only show I’ve watched recently that I’ve not wanted to speed the playback on. Wasn’t expecting that. The subtitler can’t keep up with the jokes. (Love Max Medina, hope Jess has a redemption arc, only time I’ve cried was Rory’s high school graduation speech, and I’m growing to love the Nan).

I watched Giri/Haji. Ngl, I wouldn’t have finished the show if I wasn’t watching it with my boyfriend. Sometimes it’s just nice to be watching something together? I found the main Scottish actress kind of excruciating, and I literally closed my eyes when the dance scene finale was happening and asked ML to tell me when I could open my eyes, not out of fear but because I despised the creative decision.

I downloaded Splatoon 3 and it had a kind of amazingly LGBT-friendly lobby that is not what I was expecting??? And ye I enjoyed the game when I sat down with it for an hour but I don’t think I’ll ever open it again. Something about the lack of precision on Switch compared to Playstation; something else about the single-player mindedness of its online multiplayer framing made me very quickly lose steam.

A few people in the game pube discord server have been streaming recently. Really enjoyed Susepicious playing The Last of Us, pink8cidboots starting a nuzlocke, Halomedes’s work sessions, and slime_lad drawing Pokemon from memory. When I was first getting to grips with Twitch, I had no idea how to pick someone to watch so I just wanted to flag these 4 incase you are also spoilt for choice / completely lost.

Watched the final season of Dead To Me recently. James Marsden was giving the performance of his life. I liked the way the story ended. Sweet.

I listened to the new Miley Cyrus album a few times. I like that she does what she want genre-wise, and wish more people changed lanes like that. But this was a bit boring and short for me. (The dead petz album was my favourite, felt like accidentally seeing an embarassing text light up someone’s home screen, or the equivalent of someone’s natural smell and kinda liking it). Idk why those are the words I’ve chosen but they feel accurate in my soul of souls, I’m sorry.

Really like the way this boygenius song Not Strong Enough is shot. It’s like everything habitual in a camera roll casually fell into place to make a music video, and it makes me think we would get on?

Late to the party but I’ve been enjoying Rejjie Snow these past few weeks

see you on the next tax write-off