tax write off #3


Hey gang, I’ve been having some terrible life times off screen so here is a quick round-up of the culture I’ve turned to over the past 4 weeks or so:

I watched Toy Story 4 again. I think it’s one of the greatest films in the universe. I don’t necessarily think that while it’s making its way through the first few acts — it’s a lot of marvelling at the animation, the textures, the lighting, and the whole art of the thing — but Jesus, the way the story comes together in the end is like a really sad kiss on the forehead goodnight. The best

I watched Orphan: First Kill. The worst

I watched both seasons of Hacks and loved it. I appreciated the writers for doing a show about stand up comedy where the jokes are actually good. I appreciated the way they made the narrator say things I would say but in a way that embarrassed me (for the better, watching this show is like personal development).

a meme from hacks where the girl says im trying to cut down on screen time, the concierge says tv is a screen, and she replies yeah but like a second tier screen. it's basically like reading a book at this point

I thought Swarm was great but I thought BEEF was perfect, both shows feel like the main characters are about to scream at any moment from beginning to end. very good

I was excited for Lana’s new album but I haven’t been replaying it as much as I have the boygenius one. There’s this lyric in one of the songs, Cool About It:

[Verse 3: Bridgers, All]

Once, I took your medication to know what it’s like

And now I have to act like I can’t read your mind

I ask you how you’re doing and I let you lie

[Chorus: All]

But we don’t have to talk about it

I can walk you home and practice method acting

I’ll pretend bein' with you doesn’t feel like drowning

Tellin' you it’s nice to see how good you’re doing

Even though we know it isn’t true

And it’s at risk of making me emo again. The indoctrinated-catholic in me enjoys the godly references that Julien Baker sings. I like the girl-band-trio harmonising. A lot of yearning, reflecting. Good album to be sad to, so it’s perfect for right now.

I like the faster, catchier parts of the new Fall Out Boy album, as in Fake Out. I just can’t listen to Fall Out Boy without thinking ‘I wish this song was on Beat Saber.’

I don’t listen to metal but I am getting my education because my friend is in Dawn Ray’d, an anarchist black metal band and their new album TO KNOW THE LIGHT just came out. I am still soft so the song I like the most on the album has all the metal sanded out of it, but I will get there 😗

My fatigue was so bad the other day, I decided it was time to try High School Musical The Musical The Series and I only got two and a half episodes in before I decided staring at the ceiling was better for my health.

I watched s3 of Umbrella Academy. Do you know what, it’s not the best show in the world but I like the actors, I like the way comic-book visuals are at the forefront of the way the scenes are shot, the music is great, and I casually look forward to s4.

From the perspective of a critic, I found this article fascinating. I have second-hand embarrassment, but like, I respect the writer’s right to embarrass themselves (and their subject) like that

I have been reading a book I think is pretty disappointing but I need to wait to see if I can say that online in a review bc it’s professionally connected to someone I know and I don’t wanna get them in an awkward situation but i just want to brag that i am reading a book

and that’s all. well, I have been watching shit loads of knitting videos on YouTube because I learnt to knit for something to do while I’m in bed most of the day but I’ll save the knitting for a separate post. I have been sad about not being able to do much filming, which was my new 2023 hobby. you’ve seen the YouTube videos etc. But I’m really proud of myself for finding a new hobby, and one I can’t monetise :-) ! excellent. Do you know what i wanna knit, Ali Wong’s hat but I am not there yet

ali wong in a beige cable knit bucket hat that is folded up at the front

see u on the next episode of tax write offs