tax write off #5


this is the ongoing series where I write about things so I can write them off, lets go

πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ I went to see the new spider-man film, Across the Spider-Verse. no lie, as I was watching it I had the thought: I think these animated spider-man films are in my top ten films. That’s really dramatic isn’t it. It’s like this: I usually enjoy films for the story, but the same story can be enjoyed in book form. Game form. Plot synopsis on Wikipedia. Whatever. But with Across the Spider-Verse films, this is the only way I want it. The PACE, the MUSIC, the ANIMATION ITSELF – the way the mix of art styles manages to feel coherent – the constant easter eggs. I can’t fault it. (I can: the working conditions fucked people up which fucks me up because the artistry is incredible and it pains me to know it came at such a cost).

Been enjoying this youtuber’s absolute love of fashion:

I haven’t watched Black Mirror since it first came out but the new season was great, first episode in particular. It presents a world in which everyone is so surveilled that the in-world Netflix is able to post a daily episode of TV about somebody’s life, so that we all become entertainment for each other. Annie Murphy does a really good job of losing her mind in that first episode too. And I mean, the story doesn’t even sound that far off from what we know – from what we do; ‘Google says it’ll scrape everything you post online for AI.'. We’re already giving ourselves to the Internet. Stress!!!!!

Currently listening to Alex Pheby’s Mordew via audiobook – read by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. Wtf? Cannot imagine a better reading. The way he does the different voices… again, wtf? How does he do that? I won’t speak to the story yet because I am only halfway through but .. Wa???? I’m so deeply entertained by Kobna’s performance, I can’t get over it. Been knitting a cardigan and just feeling fucking riveted lmao (sample on this page soz can’t find non-amazon sample)

this song is bad but also great:

I did try to go to the Liverpool Biennial but I got bored and went to an arcade instead – Arcains. It is a really good time if you are ever visiting Liverpool. Played pool on the top floor for ages :) Played some Taiko no Tatsujin :) Played guitar hero and Jurassic Park Arcade and I was gonna play Apex because there are loads of PCs and PS5s in there but I remembered there was Apex at home :))))

Went to see the new Indiana Jones film (I was being a girlfriend, what can I say, and also I’m in love with Mads Mikkelsen). It was completely average up until that thing happened ten minutes before the end of the film, and I don’t know why that hadn’t just been the entire film. I gasped.

this music video is so good, i’d never seen it before even tho I know the song:

Finished Jury Duty last night. TV show of a fake documentary in which everyone is an actor except one of the jurors, and it made me laugh so so so much. Best vibes. Best vibes in a way that surprised me because those set-ups usually stress me out, but the guy at the centre of it all was so incredibly easygoing that I was quickly put at ease. James Marsden was so good at being a dickhead. The soaking. The cybernetics guy. The final episode! What a good time.

Also, been watching The Great British Sewing Bee which is also a good time. I asked my Mum for sewing lessons for my birthday (from her, she is teaching me haha) and we picked up a pattern and some fabric last week. My machine is getting fixed and when it’s done, I am going to be a sewing person. I can’t wait to be a sewing person. I think it is going to be very empowering. Like, I think it’s going to make me feel how other people feel when they pass their driving test. I fucking hate buying clothes because nothing fits me. Watching this TV show is just getting me even more excited to learn. I really love Sara Pascoe’s presenting too. I think she is funny :)))))

til next time xxxxx