the coolest artists


We had the idea for our book in 2020, 2021 was a write-off because of illness, did the book proposal in 2022, and then spent september 2022 until February 1st 2024 writing the thing, only submitting the manuscript YESTERDAY. The book is released October this year, so the next few months are gonna have to be MARKETING TIME whether WE LIKE IT OR NOT. One marketing thing to check off is to think about people who could provide a nice blurb on the front of our book that convinces people to buy it. Some people buy books based off blurbs alone, so it’s gotta be someone good. I’m sure our publisher will find someone but it made me think, who is the coolest artist alive today. Cool obviously means many different things but I asked our instagram followers who they had in mind, not knowing it was because I wanted to find some cool-as-in-influential artist for my marketing research. Here are some of the most-named names:

CINDY SHERMAN came up the most


NAN GOLDIN which was nice to see because Nan Goldin is my answer too

Wait, Nan Goldin yes, but you know who else I submit? MIRANDA JULY 100 times

There were so many Tracy Emins but did you know she has publicly supported the Tories? That’s not cool at all


MARK LECKEY good art good earring

JESSE DARLING i liked this recent turner prize interview roadtrip thing:

if anyone is friends with Nan Goldin please let me know , for the sake of The Book