the matcha rankings


I am publishing my Liverpool matcha rankings.

  1. Tsujiri, obviously. It’s on Hope Street. You can get a fuckin matcha baked cheesecake. Everything in there is matcha. It’s also open until the actual nighttime. Who cares that caffeine has a 5 hour half life. No one needs to sleep. We all need to eat matcha baked cheesecakes and drink iced matcha lattes with tapioca pearls. Big portion sizes. Also the staff are the best. One of them said she likes my style. There is a loyalty card. I am LOYAL TO TSUJIRI. It’s expensive but unfortunately all matcha is expensive and that’s just something I am going to have to accept.
  2. San San on London Road, for some reason this isn’t listed on google maps but I promise it exists. it’s a bubble tea place. I recommend the matcha latte with brown sugar pearls bc obviously. It tastes like it’s supposed to which doesn’t sound like high praise but given this city’s many interpretations, it is.
  3. The Bookbinder on Lark Lane. It comes with a little flower on top. Tastes the way I want it to taste. Could be bigger. Someone on Twitter said ‘had the kelpiest one ever at Bookbinder’ but maybe they haven’t been to Tsujiri.
  4. Derek’s on Allerton Road but mix it more yourself. It’s ££££. But big. Like their sandwiches.
  5. LEAF on Smithdown. Errr, you know the way the powder congeals on the surface sometimes like algae or green pesto, that happened, like it was quite thick and dry on top. But once I downed that, it got plasticiney (in a good way) and more familiar the further down the drink I got.
  6. Bean There on Rose Lane. This is bizarre to me because it doesn’t reaaaally taste like matcha, it’s more like cinnamon. IT’s nice but idk you know. I’d only get one from here in a pinch and idk when I’d ever be in a matcha pinch
  7. Bold Street Coffee, just tastes like milk. The end
  8. Mother on wood street. the matcha tastes like green juice, like there’s spinach or mint in it. wrong consistency. idgi :(
  9. You know Paolo & Donato’s Italian Deli, the one in Williamson Square? The poor guy did not even mix the matcha and I couldn’t drink it because it was just green clumps in milk. I was too stressed to say anything, so I’m telling you.

I will update this list when test more matcha out and about in Liverpool. Art critic, game critic, +matcha critic

My Mum got me a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser for Christmas and I keep making matchas at home now. That’s good because it feels FREE. In Liverpool, you can get nice sachets from SIDA — the Gold Kili brand is good. I have a friend in Japan who sent me a fun christmas package that included Cafe Latory’s Matcha Azuki Latte (Azuki meaning red bean). Unfortunately it’s hands down the nicest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth and now I am going to have to ration the sachets until I can go to Japan and buy 1000 of them for myself. Cafe Latory sell different matcha combos but jfc if you can try the Azuki ones, you have to.