do you want to see my holiday photos


Today, I published a text about a residency I went on in France at a place called The Mill. I added some film photos to that page but I have so many more that I’m putting the best of the rest in a little blog post for all those people who love looking at other people’s holiday photos (my people).

Supermundane Reece and Tahney looking at fish pies at a market in Millau

Supermundane, Reece + Tahney at the market. We went there so I could try and oyster for the first time but the oyster guy was gone.

a waterfall in a nearby town

One night, we went out for dinner and there was a river cutting through the nearby town.

the cat Maahs walking along a wall next to the scrapyard

This is Maahs, the best cat, my pal. Never met a cat like him.

mirror selfie on a shop with a sign that says Superette

We went into Millau one day to explore –

an advert for a flower festival in the centre of Millau with a fountain in the background

an old wooden shop front with its shutters closed in Millau

Anita walking down the stairs in Emmeus, a flea market type place

skis chairs and bikes in Emmeus

We went to Emmaüs, a place with second-hand stuff for suuuper cheap. I got some clothes

Me holding a big beautiful eton mess i made and smiling

I made a giant eton mess and I was so happy about it that Tahney took a picture

Maahs looking up at me from the floor

Anita working on some drawings at the table outside

Anita working on things

Rob working on drawings at the same table on another day

Rob doing the sameee

a shot of the studio with big cast iron doors

Nathalie working on her ceramics in the studio

my laptop with some printed pages on the bed

Saint Georges de Luzencon with its blue river cernon and pretty houses

This is my favourite picture. It’s actually my phone background now. It’s Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon, a 5 minute walk from The Mill 🥹 Look at all of those details. The wysteria, the blueness of the water, the smooth hills behind. Those guys on the path got into the river to fish and I just stood there watching them.

a cherry blossom tree on the road between the mill and Saint Georges de Luzencon

I used Kodak gold 200 iso for these pictures and like, fine, but I wouldn’t buy it again. I’m surprised at how dark the pictures came out tbh. higher iso next time