join the white pube discord


I can’t be doing with instagram and twitter anymore - this text explains why. tldr: the combination of the algorithm, pace, like system, competition, and aggro reactions of strangers does not make for an enjoyable online experience. over the past 2 years I have much preferred speaking to people on discord instead - it’s more like an old school chat room, nicely organised, less riff raff, no timeline too. I originally set up a server to chat to people about games, but more recently I set up a dedicated server for The White Pube.

We’ve never had a comment section for TWP per se, but now on Sundays we post the new text there and I love finally having the right space for that conversation. We also check in with our readers there if we’re thinking of doing something but not sure how it will pan out, nice being able to ask people what they want first. And also ofc just lovely to hang out and talk about life and culture and health* and whatever (*we have a channel that replicates the #neisvoid from twitter for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities with ‘no end in sight’).

Iffffff you would like to join the server, at the moment it is invite-only for people who have supported us at any cost on Patreon (ie. you can give Β£1 a month), Paypal, and Kofi. It can literally be a pound if you want. We have been thinking about opening it up completely to all readers, not just people who support us financially but for now we are using this little gate as a way to deter the trolls. If you full stop can’t afford to do any of these but you want to join anyway, just message us and we’ll give you an invite link.

accurate picture of me trying to recruit more people on discord because I can’t cope with timeline-based social media, it’s ruining the internet, I’m trying to get away from it before it kills me but i need our readers 2 come with:

a man is drowning, holding onto the edge of a boardwalk saying 'sir please'