this is what i'd put on instagram, if it wasn't so cheugy


i think instagram has given me brain worms. the only pics i post on my personal are weird gritty or awkward images that i feel have ✨energy✨. gab calls it ‘obscure and interesting’, another friend once called my ig ‘environmentally ambiguous’. i don’t know why i do it u kno, but there’s something about posting genuinely nice pictures of me, my friends and my life that feels CHEUGY AS FUCK. it’s too sincere, i can’t hack it. i mentioned this to Gab and she was like, ‘ur very weird. imagine when ur 50, you’re going to look back, and all you’ll have are these weird gritty pictures of the sky and some puddles’ and i was like ‘ah nice’, but also, how sad! but i think that’s what the blog is for: all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. here are just some very nice pictures.

pretend you didn’t see these, pretend that sincerity isn’t cringey, oh my GOD don’t look at me or ANY OF IT!!!