i found a good artist video


We’ve just finished the latest draft of our book and while I was doing some research, I found out about this piece - - Artist, by Tracey Moffat and Gary Hillberg, from 1999. (Thank you to the person in Instagram who messaged me about it!!!!!!! thank you, in fact, to all followers who have helped me research artworks over the past month when I haven’t been well enough to go to art libraries and the like)

It cycles through representations of art and artists in film and TV. I really enjoyed it. It may or may not be included in the book. I mean, it is in there at the moment but who knows what our publishers are going to think of the current draft. I’m sharing it here incase it gets cut out of the draft and therefore my memory, and also because it’s hard finding old artist’s videos online and it could be taken down. So, enjoy! goodbye