we’ve got quite a lot to get thru so, the last time i did one of these was april. APRIL. lots to catch up on so i won’t bore you with small talk.

  • re-read Ways of Seeing

    still slaps. timeless banger. john berger, i love u. (if u haven’t read it, you can read it here)

  • Pure Filth, Annike Flo, The Smallest Gallery in Soho

firstly, read Gab’s text on Tiny Galleries but that whole problemo aside, walked past this on my way to yam a truffle burger and it was kinda lowkey nice to stop for a shop window full of art, esp lit up at night.

  • did a lunchtime crit at CSM!

thank u for having me! i love doing crits! i think i miss them, and it’s always nice to see what students are making, so it’s nice even if it’s j to scratch the itch of my curiosity. i j love art! love seeing it at any point: finished, half done, not even made yet and still an idea. artists are great. more crits!!


London is so funny. it’s so big, so new. i’m always walking past a gallery i’ve never seen before - literally all the time. it never ends. it’s impossible to keep up. bumbled past moosey one weekend and wasn’t sure what to make of it tbh, couldn’t suss out the vibe bc camden passage is just fancy so maybe that was leaking into the space, but it did feel like a commercial g, but i don’t know who or what moosey is. i will never find out and i am ok with that. these paintings were nice »>

(Popples, Vanessa Gully Santiago)

(Downtable, Damien Cifelli)

  • Positions, part one at Alma Pearl

ditto this one, never heard of alma pearl, but i’m glad i was stomping down the canal and find out! think this is the first show they’ve done? so brand nEW! i liked these paintings »

(close up detail from: Asger Harbou Gjerdevik, Lost Century)

(Anne Carney Raines, Whiskey Throttle)

(i think this is Georg Wilson, but i could be wrong. apologies, i didn’t make note of the artists name at the time and i can’t find info online after the fact.) and apparently there’s a part 2 to this in a couple weeks – sweet! will probably wander in on a weekend so keep ya eyes peeled.


FINALLY!!!! here are the best dogs.

my quick review is: this is a nice show to take ur mum to (if ur mum likes dogs and knows NOTHING, literally NOTHING, about art and exhibitions). i think there are probably more paintings/portraits of dogs out there in the world. this was a p narrow collection: some smash hits w the stubbs, the gainsboroughs, the landseers, the french toy dogs and the dogs dressed up in poses. i wanted to see a wider range though, or a deeper cut through history and convention. i wanted to see dogs playing poker, dogs in the background. what’s the point of painting dogs? is it just curious? or cute? what’s the dog’s wider role in the history of painting!? maybe i j think about this in this way bc i run horse, an instagram account that documents all the horses i see in paintings/art. but one of the things that rly strikes me is how horses are there in the background and also in the forefront: companions, assets, protagonists, object of objective beauty. i wanted that kind of overview for dog-kind! so, glad i went! bc FINALLY! but i wish there was more. i wish this show was like 3 floors 30 rooms, extensive overview (especially bc of the ticket price). i wish this show was actually a research paper or an ongoing archival project, an essay heavy with citation. i wanted to do more than just peer at sweet paintings, even if they were sweet. i wanted a dog curator to make sense of what I was seeing! i think this probably should’ve been a niche tumblr account run by a teenager in a random scandinavian country who j knows loads about paintings of dogs and treats the acount like it is a serious dedicated hobby with STAKES. (final note: there were watercolours of queen victoria’s dogs by actual queen victoria, and they weren’t bad. isn’t that crazy!?)

  • i’ve probably mentioned this a million times but

DID U KNOW I SAW JAI PAUL!!!>???? HAHAHHAHA crazy. best night of my life, i had the best time. dm me if u want the bootleg, my sister filmed the entire thing (bc gen z j do that apparently?) lmao

  • look at this painting of joosy tomatoes

  • slade degree show

it’s degree show szn! if u were ONLINE you hopefully saw my highlights from the slade on IG stories? dw if not, me n gab are gona do lil round ups this week on ig so stay tuned for that on instagram dot com forward slash thewhitepube ehhehehe this is Lo Cheuk Yiu and Shaan Bevan»

  • RA degree show!

i’ve never been! can u believe it! popped along last friday and caught this work by Daria Blum, i thought it was so good (hold tight IG)

and this painting by Rachel Hobkirk !!!!! so cute! so juicy, ugh i love it »

  • i popped into the chelsea degree show oh sooooo quickly

so quickly that i didn’t get the name of this artist. please write in if this is u/ur mate and i’ll edit this!! sorry!

  • went to the Tate Britain!

to see the rehang! didn’t manage to make it all the way around bc me and Gino »

were v busy having a nice time. but i should/will revisit when i get a chance! i was having thoughts (god forbid) and OPINIONS (worse!). this was nice »

  • idek what this is but

some art is just very tasteful interior design. i feel fine about that.

  • what the fuck are these?

keep seeing them along regents canal. hashtag brick flats? i’m scared to google and find out. i will also never know about this either. that’s fine. somethings are better left as mysteries.

thats ALL, THANK THE LORD now i can leave bye bye bye see u in a bit (tomorrow) for LADS I FANCY !!!!