new favourite band? yes? cool


newly obsessed with Wolf Alice. Feeling stupid that I didn’t know they existed until this year but not completely stupid because it means I’m in that lovely, soft stage of catching up. I’m discovering more corners of their work, going backwards, reading lyrics in bed, finding fan cams, making my boyfriend listen to my favourite songs, and then watching their Glastonbury performance twice and making a public YouTube playlist of the set so other people can enjoy it.

I am not a music critic and I have no idea to make words match sounds but I can tell you what I think about when I listen. I was in an all girls school and the choir was just a choir, remembering being kinda bored when I listened to them at assemblies and other events. But then the chamber choir - a smaller, more exclusive lineup - genuinely amazed me. Howwww can they make those sounds???? We would sometimes have prize giving at the cathedral and the chamber choir would sound angelic. My school wasn’t even religious so idk why so much of it had to do with church. But anywayyyyYyyy I listen to Wolf Alice, I think back to that dreamy echoing choir, and then I envision one of the singers pulling out a guitar, ripping off her uniform to reveal a cool dress below, and screaming into a mic on a stand because it’s Ellie Roswell and she can do it all; I imagine ripping off my own uniform to reveal a Wolf Alice shirt below my school one and screaming in return.

That could be a Wolf Alice music video. Wolf Alice, you can have it if you send me a shirt. I want merch. You should have seen me on the couch watching Glastonbury - - and then googling what the disability support is like for visiting, even though they probably wont be there next time. Gotta see them live. I’ve seen everything on YouTube now i just wanna be there for the next thing that happens 8-)

new favourite band

here are songs i like

this is their most famous i think?

this one is so cool

a sad one

  • finally, they did a film for their most recent album Blue Weekend and it’s great:

is it too late to learn the guitar and also pull a little mermaid so I can suddenly sing. Blue Weekend is perfect.