ny resolution check-in


ay, my new years resolution is going well, isn’t it! (It was to FILM things instead of photographing them because my memory has never been worse). I’ve been really enjoying having a new hobby. Figuring out a style. Learning premiere pro tricks. Picking royalty free songs. Another bonus is that I can SEE what my job actually involves more clearly, which I think is making me feel like more of a real person and less of an internet person, and that’s good because I’d like to be real.

Zarina calls it GDLP TV. Not sure when the next episode of gab tv will be though because I got Covid and the Covid + Long Covid has fucked me up big time, so that’s a shame, but ! please enjoy what’s there. I’ll come back to my hobby when I can do things and go places again. Might be grounded for a while.





I did have a few more new years resolutions. The second was to attempt to WORK OUTSIDE on WEDNESDAYS, and that was going strong and I was reaaaally enjoying it tbh but covid has really done me in so putting a pause on that. And the third was to make myself like peanut butter through sheer will, which was… not unsuccessful but not successful either. I have actually finished a whole jar since january on my own and I eat it regularly, usually on apple slices, but I can’t say I’m enjoying myself when I consume the stuff. It’s just a very functional snack and I respect it for that? Can I write-off peanut butter on my taxes by writing about it online… because right, I went straight in with a no sugar Meridian smooth pot and it feels like the next jar could turn things around. A whole line-up of peanut butters. A listicle. Rank how dry they make my mouth feel, etc. I’ll get back to you on that.