resurrecting our youtube channel


here is our youtube channel


you can expect:

  • readings of our weekly texts
  • random archive TWP footage
  • a game stream every now and again
  • important announcements and updates


YES we are writers, YES we post our writing on our website & post the audio on our podcast and that’s the most important part of our workkkk BUT when we try to notify people that we have a new text out, that information is at the whims of social media algorithms and i caaaan’t be deeeealing with that (and neither can our audience by the sounds of things). I will now be uploading future texts as readings on our youtube channel. I will also be going back through our instagram and picking some live/IGTV readings of texts to upload to youtube for the sake of archiving shit.

I hope this is helpful for people – I like the idea that you can see there’s a new text out and decide whether you wanna read, listen or watch it.

I know we will probably get comments from people who want more edited, involved, flashy videos, but for now i am happy with straight readings, feels more honest somehow. suits the writing. I know for the game reviews we will probably get comments asking for essays that have game footage, and ye i agree and i’ll try. for some reason i never have the foresight to record footage as I play – i’m too into playing and processing how I feel about the thing, I forget to save any captures. but yeah i’ll try :)