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this month's resident:

hello we are the white pube, gdlp + zm. this is a website where we share our writing on art, games, books, films, whateverrrr we wanttttt babyyyyyyy.

Since sept 2020, we have been partnering with Creative Debuts to run a monthly grant of Β£500 for working class writers. We have just awarded the 24th writers grant! TWENTY FOURTH. that’s nuts. that’s great. We are grateful to CD for putting money directly into the pockets of great writers. Writing and publishing in general are dominated by very privileged voices so we hope that over the past 2 years, The Writers Grant has gone a small way to changing who gets to write & who gets to be read.

But we have beeeen thinking. The cost of living crisis in the UK is terrifying. Impending recession, gas and electricity bills, rising house prices, all the rest of it. It’s a terrible storm for the creative industry as a whole, and we would like to be able to help more people. To that end, we are changing The Writers Grant to a more general Creatives Grant. We will now be awarding the monthly Β£500 to any early-career working class creative who makes stuff, anything, including writing. We have 2 years of submissions in our inbox from writers and we are making sure those emails will still be taken into consideration going forward.

For anybody who didn’t look too closely at the previous guidelines because they weren’t a writer, or for people who weren’t familiar with any of this before now:

  • We will be awarding a no-strings attached grant of Β£500 to someone who has either put themselves forward for it or based on our own research.
  • If you want to put yourself forward for it, please email [email protected] with a brief introduction to yourself, contact info, and an example of your work in links or attachments; OR fill in this form on Creative Debuts' website, whichever you prefer
  • There is no deadline as this is a monthly, rolling grant
  • If you don’t get it one month, you could still get it the next (and so on) so you do not need to email us to check
  • We do not expect any outcomes
  • For the most up to date information, please subscribe to the funders Creative Debuts mailing list here
  • To see past recipients, more details and the full FAQ, please see the dedicated page we have for the grant here

One more update:

We started the white pube back in 2015, and a few months after we began, we started a ‘residency’ where a different artist featured on our website every month. We stopped the residency quite recently for technical reasons (we used to host our site on Wix until we left because of BDS, and now we run it through a static site generator and it would involve css/html coding to shape the homepage in the dramatic, imaginative way people used to, so basically we can’t expect residents to learn how to code and so it’s ended). But we want to bring it back, in a sense, because the homepage gets so much traffic. So, 2 birds 1 stone. We will now be sharing the recipient of the new Creatives Grant on our homepage each month – whether that’s a writer, an artist, a performer, whoever. We can share writing, images, a video, etc. We will ask the recipient what it is they’d like to share :)


That’s the announcement. Full full full info here.


Also if you are a particularly rich person with money to spare, and you would like to help us run more grants (ie. maintain an exclusive writers grant, or maybe you’re bang into landscape paintings idk) you can get in touch with us on [email protected] and we can all save the art world together

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