Live Laugh Love

In April, we recorded our first podcast, 'Is It Art?' which saw us discussing the status of store bought art in terms of class, taste, and academia. In May we were given the opportunity to materialise this debate in Muesli's space at The Royal Standard in Liverpool. Our exhibition there, 'Live Laugh Love' was a move towards levelling Art World heirachies, and the presentation we gave offered to resolve the capital A Artist insecurities that have sidelined and maligned decorative art. Live Laugh Love

a photo of a window with decals stuck on that say live laugh love in and amongst butterflies

a shot of the exhibition in a white cube space with paintings and framed photos on the walls, and there’s a plinth in the centre with a blue wizard on it

a shot from the opposite end shows another wall where more paintings are continued

an inspirational picture stuck on the wall that says never give up on yourself

a shelf has two wooden women on it and in between them there is a wizard with a green cloak on

a framed photo of a red phone box

a small crystal pineapple with gold details is sat on a shelf

a wizard does a happy dramatic pose swirling his big blue cloak that looks like it is actually made of waves

a bob ross style landscape painting of mountains, a stream, small waterfall, a little cabin, and big tall autumnal trees

a set of figures of three chinese monks wearing dark brown cloaks

a gold frog figure

a black and white photo of the eiffel tower with a car below it in bright red

a painting of a woman in a white dress with big pink flowers to her side

a group of people are gathered for a talk at the exhibition

gabrielle and zarina are at the front of the talk, gabrielle has her hands behind her back and zarina is speaking - she also has neon pink hair

a shot of a note board over someone’s shoulder