Zayn Malik Zindabad

Emoji summary:

a pdf icon a small flashing arrow pointing up


a poster for zayn malik zindabad with the event title in pink an heads of zayn malik with blonde hair doing different expressions around it, with some hearts in the background



a dual screen video with a brown woman in a saree posing alongside flowers
a party scene is edited so there are multiple repeated bodies of the same person in lots of different outfits across the scene

grey waves
somnath bhatt has edited himself onto pornhub so it looks like he is crying in a video with a big emoji water droplet that is titled fucked into a fag
the performer is wearing a white saree that has black words printed on it and they are speaking on a live stream from their phone

the zayn malik zindabad poster

Gabrielle and Zarina pose with peace signs and hands in the air in front of the end screen for the showreel that says okay thanks bye on screen
Zarina is pulling tongues in a small video edited onto a bigger one showing a road

a tinfoil like background has a yellow caption above saying small slow deaths simmer and reduce

an abstract digital image of different shapes and marks are stretched across a projection in a room full of people

a shot of the audio watching the showreel in a big room

a small glowing arrow