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Episode 17: covid is obsessed with me

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tired tired tired

Speakers: Gabrielle de la Puente

a tweet from vodka-oat-milk says self undiagonising. i'm fine

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of The White Pube podcast. My name is Gabrielle de la Puente and a little bit of a different one today. Basically, I was supposed to publish a new text and it was all planned out and actually I had started writing. I was a third of the way through and I’m just too sick to finish it in time and it’s not sensible for me to try and push through and get it done. It just wouldn’t – it wouldn’t – it would either not be a good text or I would be worse off for trying. And basically I got COVID again four weeks ago and it’s just done me in. I’m goosed. I feel like I’m back about a year on where I was healthwise. Um, yeah, if you’re not familiar, I’ve had Long Covid for two years, so getting COVID again was a little bit stressful. Um, I’m having really bad energy issues again. Breathing pain, headaches, like it’s all just ramped up, and I’m going to have to really play it safe with energy at the moment and for the next few weeks, because God, Iโ€™ve had to cancel so much teaching and events that I was due to do this month and I just can’t do it. So thank you to everyone on Patreon and Paypal and Kofi to be honest because yeah man, that is our sick pay. It’s my sick pay. And if anyone has been thinking about signing up, now’s a good time to do it. Cause COVID is obsessed with me. Oh, I’m going to try and get that text done for next week. I have faith. I think I can do it really carefully, really slowly. I will get it done. But in lieu of leaving you white pube-less, shaved, I thought it would be a nice idea to do like a magazine style episode. So, seeing as I’m back in my own weird fucking lockdown, Not left the house, all that jazz. I’m going to post two texts about COVID that I wrote in 2020, early 2020, in the spring, in the summer. I’ve just very quickly scanned them to make sure that they were appropriate or relevant and itโ€™s truly weird reading them. I think it captures that strange time quite well and it’s just, you know, weird that I ended up getting long COVID off the back of it all. So one quick text about living in my Nan’s house when when it all began and then another text about a video game and how I was sort of coping with lockdown back then and how I’m still coping with all of this shit right now via culture. Okay guys, enjoy the texts from past me who had more energy to speak into a microphone. If you get to the end of this because I’m not going to edit it at the end, please comment a heart emoji on today’s Instagram post or on Twitter. So nice, a heart, you know, nice and simple and yeah, hopefully see you again next week with with the text. I’m sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Goodbye.

First text, Quarantine Part 1.

Second text, Mutazione.

see ya