how to support our work


As The White Pube, we make money through odd bits of freelance work but the biggest part of our income is actually from our readers. Some of them donate regularly through a Patreon subscription, and others give one-off donations through Paypal or Ko-fi.

Each of these services is a little bit different. On Patreon, you can give us Β£1 or more a month, or pay for a full year in one go, and in return you can redeem stickers and postcards. On Paypal, you can send us a one-off show of support. And on Ko-Fi, you can do either a one-off tip or a monthly sub instead.

If you donate to any of these, we can send you an invitation to our Discord server if you want. The Discord invite is sent automatically on Patreon when you link your account there, so if you give a one-off dono on Paypal/Ko-fi make sure to put your email address so we can send you the invite directly :)

If you’re not familiar, Discord is like a club hangout space, and it’s where we run regular group crits with readers. But mostly we just chat there. Talk about art, films, books, life. Share pictures of pets. Moan about social media. It’s a fairly new part of the whole white pube ouevre but it’s a really lovely place so far.

We couldn’t do any of this without our readers sooo if you aren’t able to support us financially but you would find value in being in our discord community, please send us an email on [email protected] just asking for the Discord link, no questions asked. Plus, remember there are other ways to support us. Reposting texts, telling people about them, reviewing the podcast, thinking of us for freelance bits. Telling a rich person you know to donate us 1 million pounds. But honestly, when people repost our texts that makes my day.