December 2020: Recipient 004, Amelia Lane

We are very excited to announce the fourth recipient: Amelia Lane. Amelia sent over two samplers and a short story. As writers ourselves, it often can be hard to settle into other people's writing styles and rhythms. But Amelia’s way of writing, in this whimsical fictional space, with so much lightness and weirdness, is what we both love and enjoy ourselves - as readers and writers each. It’s so whole, decorated, strange, light, weird, exact; a pleasure to read, and we’re glad to be able to support her work in this way.

Bio: Amelia Lane has been a bookworm all her life, and she has always had the urge to tell stories. She is inspired often by her surroundings; the strangeness of small towns, the bleakness of the English seaside, hot summers. Since graduating from the University of Kent with an Art History degree (2:1) Amelia lives at home in Medway with her family. She is currently working on completing her first novel.

Links below if you want to read her work, listen to it, or follow her online: