April 2021: Recipient 008, Orna Kazimi

Time flies, we’re now on the 8th recipient of the Writers Grant, and we are so happy to announce it has been given to Orna Kazimi. Orna sent us a short publication, called Catfish (which you can read below). We haven’t had the chance to support many Artists (with a capital A), but we were really excited by Orna’s approach to writing as a component in a wider visual practice, and we identified with it too. Catfish is sensitive and lucid. We love the way it presents complexity, memory, the spatial weirdness of navigating embodied states, its nuance and subtlety. We’re so glad to be able to support Orna & her work, and we hope you’ll see the tenderness that we saw.


Orna Kazimi is an afghan artist based in London. Orna’s work and research explore personal encounters of migration in relation to collective memories of displacement through drawings, installation and writing. Her works have been shown at sight and sound workshop at Tate Exchange- Tate Modern- London 2018, overprint at Centre de la Gravure et de l’image imprimée museum-Belgium 2018, Art Amongst War: Visual Culture in Afghanistan-TCNJ Art Gallery- New Jersey 2014, 4th Afghan Contemporary Art Prize Exhibition- Queen’s Palace- Afghanistan 2013. She was awarded the Caspian Arts Foundation Scholarship (2016) and studied at Central Saint Martins in London (2018).

Links below if you want to read her work, listen to it, or follow Orna online:

  • Read [Catfish] here
  • You can find Orna on Instagram here @ornakazimi
  • See more of Orna’s work and practice on her website