May 2021: Recipient 009, Natalie Tan

We are thrilled to announce that the 9th grant has been given to Natalie Tan. Natalie has a bi-weekly newsletter called Simmer Down that reflects on food and memory. After we started our own /food page on The White Pube last year, we've been hoping to be able to support somebody else's writing around the subject. When Natalie’s work came along, we were won over by the sensitivity, descriptions, atmosphere and how personable the writing felt. It’s political, historical, and just very enjoyable to read.


Natalie Tan is a cultural practitioner and writer based in London. Expressed with an unbridled passion influenced by the forever-classic emo tracks of the 2000s, she examines maladaptive wistfulness, traditions formed from migration, and the impact of colonialism on Hong Kong and its diaspora. She is the author of Simmer Down, an ongoing, bi-weekly reflection on food and memory, and is currently writing her first play on family, loss, and Hong Kong as part of Bush Theatre’s West London Playwrights’ Group. Her work has been included in diaCRITICS, Radio Slumber, and the Breakfast B Reading Series.

Links below if you want to read her work, listen to it, or follow Natalie online: