July 2021: Recipient 011, Dora Maludi

We’re pleased to announce, the 11th recipient of the Writers Grant has been given to Dora Maludi. Dora sent over a collection of poems, and they stood out and grabbed us. Dora’s poems are like small concentrated squares full of infinite detail. She writes about writing; the writing process like vomiting. She describes scars like borders. She writes like she is speaking to someone over your shoulder. And she summons whole scenes out of sketches to create these acute and honest atmospheres. We’re so glad we can support Dora through this grant, and we hope you find a similar joy in her work too!


Dora Maludi is a fine artist and poet from London. Her practice is centred around exploring the relationship between form, language and landscape through the means of sound, video, text and movement. Anti poetry, surrealist poetry and Dada techniques inform her writing style, with the notion of rejecting traditional forms being a thorough line in her artistic endeavours. Alongside this, she is currently working on a soundscape series exploring the theme of endings and writing poems towards her first collection.

Links below if you want to read her work, listen to it, or follow Dora online:

  • Read a selection of Dora’s poems here
  • Find Dora’s Soundscapes on Bandcamp here
  • You can also find Dora on Instagram here