August 2021: Recipient 012, Ibrahim Hirsi

We’re pleased to announce, the 12th recipient of the Writers Grant has been given to Ibrahim Hirsi. Ibrahim sent over a poem, written in reply to a poem by a previous Writers Grant recipient (Asmaa Jama)! We just really really enjoyed Ibrahim’s work; the language, rhythm, structure, and mood. We enjoyed the fact that his work sat within a wider lineage, and was looking to be in conversation, expansive. Beyond that networked-ness, Ibrahim’s work itself has got hold of a pace and rhythm, like a kind of staccato. And in that rhythm, there’s a flowering aesthetic that we couldn’t shake. We’re so glad we can support Ibrahim through this grant, and we hope you find a similar joy in his work too!


Ibrahim Hirsi is a student, writer and peer researcher for the Centre for Mental Health. A digital Somali cultural archivist and independent researcher, his work explores changes in Somali culture from colonialism till now. His work has appeared in PBLJ and he has worked as a consultant on Asmaa Jama’s interactive short film: ‘Before We Disappear’.

Links below if you want to read his work, or follow Ibrahim online:

  • Read a selection of Ibrahim’s poems here: [Guban]
  • You can also find Ibrahim on Twitter here