January 2022: Recipient 017, Rasha Baraka

We are excited to begin 2022 by announcing that the 17th recipient of The White Pube Writers Grant is Rasha Baraka. Rasha sent us two pieces for consideration: one turns the language of politics inside out to create a searing poem in a ‘Letter to my Coloniser.’ The other piece was more elusive, like a character study of something or someone unstable, writing around the subject of ‘Jealousy.’ The language across both pieces was dense, hard, hurt, and clever. We would love to support more of this work being produced!


Rasha Baraka is a freelance journalist and writer currently studying an MA in Culture Industry. She promotes, shares, and writes about a shape-shifting culture while striving to platform a plethora of voices and stories that are often underrepresented or marginalised in the media. She is currently working on a digital exhibition with a group of multidisciplinary artists to explore the metaphor of the margins in relation to space and identity.

Links below if you want to read her work: