March 2022: Recipient 019, Robin Craig

We are excited to announce that the March 2022 recipient of the Writers Grant is Robin Craig. Since Robin started his newsletter ‘Looking at Porn’ early last year, we have been enjoying reflecting on his writing around sex, pleasure and pain. He writes so sensitively about fetish — the way they can reveal the body’s limits, play up to the edge of them, and pave the way to a euphoric and comforting state. I shared the text ‘Pain and Control’ with so many people, in which Robin writes about chronic pain in contrast to sexual pain. ‘There is no safe word’ that can end chronic pain; ‘I have been fantasising of pain I have asked for, inflicted on terms I have agreed.’ So much of his writing has circled in my head and I’m glad we can support more of it being created in this way.


Robin Craig is a writer and communications worker currently living in Brighton. He has previously written journalistically for outlets like VICE, Refinery29 and Huck Magazine, with a focus on trans issues and author interviews. He also has poetry published in HOAX and writes personal essays for his Substack newsletter. His creative writing is usually about sex, particularly BDSM practices and sexual violence. Lately he’s been working on a collection of transmasculine body horror stories and drafting out a novel about a nightmare queer house share.   Links below if you want to read his work, or follow Robin online: