June 2022: Recipient 022, nil00

Happy June everyoneeee! We are pleased to announce that the 22nd recipient of The White Pube Writers Grant is nil00151, a writer and artist from Liverpool who makes music, visuals and interactive digital artworks. We have been following their work for a while now and not to sound spooky or weird but I do think nil00 is gonna be a star lol and I am saying it here now so later on I can say I told you so. For the Writers Grant, nil00 sent in writing in the form of a zine, a game, and an EP. The zine has poems, stories, lyrics, and slippy essays. One of the texts is called β€˜why being hot is the meaning of life and justifies evil,’ another is a story that nil00 started when they were 15 and finished aged 25. Everything bit of writing framed with art, layered, angular, casual and full of genuine imagination, we are v happy to support more of it being made :)

BIO: nil00 is a writer and artist from Liverpool, making music, visuals, and interactive digital artworks. Their main interests are digital mysticism, folklore/magic/myth, and the beauty of letting the world break your heart.

[image of nil00 credited to Laleh Kamalian]