we had a TWP crit!


We recently set up a discord server for The White Pube, sending invites out to everyone who supports us on Patreon, Paypal and Ko-fi. The server is a selfish opportunity for us to get to know our readers because the Internet is vast and blank. We are excited to have this space because it’s somewhere we can chat with our audience after Sunday texts, and also you kno, talk about art, life. share pet pictures. ask people for advice art-related or otherwise. It’s been lovely so far and tonight we added a new dimension to the server: group crits. It’s casual! We asked if anyone would like to join and we had 5 artists come forward who all work in different mediums. You can see their work below :) but it was a sweet, sweet time. We asked each artist to start by telling us what they actually want from the crit. That seems really obvious but with people at different points in the making process, it’s useful to know. We listened to their introduction, we spent with the work (over zoom), and then discussed things as a group. As someone who hasnt really gone outside much for the past.. pandemic, it’s the most art I’ve seen and thought about in a long time, and it was energising. Crits can be such sensitive, generous, generative moments. I got jealous! I wish I had some art-thing to present. Maybe I should cook something up >:)

We’re reaaaaally keen to do more so if you are in our discord server, keep an eye out for more to come. + if you’re not, but you’d like to be, check out how to join here.

Enjoy looking at some art from TWP crit #1!!

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we spoke to Sarah Byrne about her recent project using textiles to respond to her dad’s photography. Crochet squares made of yarn in a palette that match up with his imagery, it is a process of working through grief; a process that makes time feel real.



we spoke to Kristin Reiman about the soundpiece they completed over the pandemic: a choral masterpiece (imo) that layers their voice and only their voice to sing through the Artist’s Lament. The lyrics wrestle with leaving the arts behind, and we spoke about delivering that message in such a grand tone.

Listen to Artist’s Lament here: https://archive.org/details/artist-s-lament / + check out this image from a show where it was played alongside mock stain glass:



we watched a WIP cut of Petra Szeman’s new film, a racing video essay that connects the dots between trains, loading screens in video games, and anime openings. The group discussed pace a lot and how affecting one of the sequences in the film becomes as it speeds up, feeling like the conspiracy meme, chugging pure theory.



we spoke to Emma Theresa Jude about a final edit in curation before her first solo exhibition ‘The Map Is Not The Territory’ opens next week at Orleans House Gallery. We looked at her paintings and drawings of sites across the Isle of Skye, and thought about risk and safety when it comes to showing representational vs. abstract works.



and finally, we spoke to Michele Allen all about mud! She is partway through a residency and using photography, video and interviews to think about the aesthetic, history and value of the mud in the river bank of the teams and the Tyne in Gateshead. We spoke about colour and detail, and how this will all come together in the end.

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And that was it for crit 1!!!

I’m posting this to celebrate crit 1, remember it, and also in the hopes that other people read this and want to do crits with us because I enjoyed it so much. see you on discord to organise!!!!

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