The White Pube crit #3


We’ve just done the 3rd white pube crit :) we recently set up a discord server for people who have supported TWP via patreon/paypal or Kofi, and we’re organising crits there. The next one is June 13th so if you wanna join, see here!


4 artists joined us for this crit. You can find out more about their work here:

We spoke to Katerina Demetriou about how you can go about honouring traditions in your design, techniques, the materials you use, and the ways you present the art you make. We thought about slowing down artistic processes on purpose too, instead of speeding through like the pace of so much of the world. You can find Katerina’s instagram here.

Kat holds up a pece of fabric to the ocean in front of her, the fabric is embroidered with a patterned square that has cut outs between the lines meaning you can see the ocean through the window in the fabric

sketches on paper of embroidery patterns with a womans face at the centre, and other shapes coloured in yellow with green outlines

We spoke to Giulia C Rossi about using art and games and metaphors as ways to remember. Guilia has made a game called the Digital Archivist that asks players to think about obsoletion, using the physical input of a floppy disk controller. We spoke about how to make a statement through a game’s ending, one that might be in keeping with the theme of obsoletion.

a tv screen shows the game the digital archivist while on a green block in front of it, which is under a light, there is a pink floppy disk that can be slid around for the controller, plus a pair of white gloves for the player to wear

With Karla H, we spoke about the politics of human supremacy, and how to speak through that in painting and sculpture - - specifically, how to undermine the place of the human/the artist, and instead let nature run wild. We also spoke about the place of horror in Fine Art (and how I don’t think there’s enough of it).

jeely heid, the name of an artwork made of gelatin and waste food, shows an orange face with green edges surrounded by a pattern of food like eggs and lemons

the artwork 'bird seed heid deid' is made of bird seed with lard, cheese and string, moulded into the shape of a face and then hung in the trees for wildlife to consume

And finally, with Lucille Swith, we spoke about how art-making has changed over the course of the pandemic as so many people’s lives have gone from public to private - - and also how to overcome that, and get involved with art-things again. We also spoke about photography, and themes of queerness and labour :)

a box of pink velvet slippers in rows of pairs ready to be stocked on a shop floor

a flat lay of a table with lots of items on it: a tv remote, pink bracelet, compact mirror with the letterL on in gold, a camera, pens, highlighters, pokemon cards, sunglasses, and nail varnish