The White Pube crit #5


If you don’t know, get 2 know: we recently set up a discord server for people who have supported TWP via patreon/paypal or Kofi, and we’re organising crits there. The next one will be in October, so if you wana join , check our support page.

We had our 5th crit last week and we were joined by 2 artists.

We spoke to gin maría about their neuro-divergent design diary, an instagram account called invisible design. It’s an instagram account that functions partly like a magazine, partly like a blog/diary/sketchbook. As an ex-tumblr girly, I found it really interesting because it spoke to an urge or impulse I always feel myself: to make my thoughts solid and coherent in one place. When you’re trying to facilitate a conversation, what’s the best way to go about that? Where is it best place to try and host that dialogue? Because instagram is difficult!! And generally terrible!

Deffo check out invisible design, this is the instagram account, and there’s also a podcast!! Called goo: messy neurodivergent explorations.

We also spoke to honor ash about their text, reinvention of the self. It’s written in ink, n the format means you have to click thru and reveal the next bit - interesting. We spoke to honor about whether the format worked better as a click thru game, or a pdf, and how it could be translated into spoken word. We’re excited to hear back about how their performance went!!

You can find honor’s work here on their website.

Honestly, love doing these lil crits. serendipity seems to hit hard and everytime we’ve done one, there have been spooky coincidency parallels that translate over between the artists showing and telling. it’s really satisfying and nice(!!!) to make these connections between practices, hoping practitioner will find common ground and support. giid vibes!!!! Thank you to the artists who joined us! And see u for crit #6 oOooOo