TWP crit #7


We have been running monthly crits organised via discord aaand I really enjoy them. I love our community tbh!!!! At the end of feb, we sat down with Kristin Reiman + Sarah Byrne for a very / work in progress, let’s figure this out, how do we pull all of these ideas together / conversation.


we spoke to Kristin Reiman about game design and specifically multiplayer game design; how two strangers can meet in the middle; and how people can communicate without the straight-up use of language

drawing of two tables with boards up so the people on them can't see each other, and one has a labelled map, microphone instructions and sound props

sketched notes that asked if this is a game for 2 or a performance with 2 performers, with drawings of a stage, radio, and maps


aaand we spoke with Sarah Byrne about different forms and containers that art can be collected in – could textile, process, time, and language live together in a film or a book for ex.

a picture of a chair and a tool for spinning yarn is in a yellow studio, set against multicoloured wool and next to a hand holding a reel of yarn

there is a sandy rocky photograph in the background and overtop, a circle of textiles and to the right, another image overtop of yarn

! see you on the next crit :)