TWP crit #8


We have been running monthly crits organised via discord and last week we had crit #8! I got together on zoom with Molly Wickett & Sylwia Narbutt for a very relaxed chat about what they were working on and how they felt about it!


I spoke to Sylwia Narbutt about her paintings –

Sywlia told us about how she started painting in makeup colours, eventually making them brighter and brighter until the paintings were lurid red and pink.

We spoke about pushing out past the singular limit of one support and layering images on top of each other, but also how to push past beyond THAT too! playing with light, surroundings, atmosphere.

it was really fun! to think about work/painting as this liquid environment, this wide open test space full of potential, a container for anything you wanted to try. push push push harder make it bigger and wider. i love that!


I also spoke to Molly Wickett about her sculpture/installation —

mostly we chatted about how to find a balance, where to put a viewer and thinking through how immersion might feel in relation to touch. it was also really interesting to chat through process and feeling, next steps and decision making, when the material your working with is LITERALLY alive and difficult to access as a lone pedestrian. all of it, beautiful and crafted! so delicious and tense (meaning that there is a beautiful and meaningful, intent use of tension).


i just love talking to artists! i love art! i love my job! i can’t believe i get to do this everyday! Just chit chat to interesting people, talk through their thoughts and try and be useful (in some way shape or form, hopefully)