Nanny Cam

Nanny Cam was screened at:

Basic Mountain, Edinburgh, 12.30-3.30pm 3rd June 2017

Details here. In conjunction with Embassy Gallery. DONE

The White Building, London, 6-9pm on June 10th 2017

Details here​, Facebook event, + free booking via Eventbrite.

the Bluecoat, Liverpool, 4-6pm on June 11th 2017

Details here, Facebook event, + free booking via the Bluecoat

Last summer we put out an open call for videos made by people without a degree in Fine Art ~ we were slowly putting together a film screening in our heads. Now, we’ve selected videos by 20 artists in β€˜Nanny Cam,’ to be shown at Basic Mountain in Edinburgh with Embassy Gallery; and The White Building in London and the Bluecoat in Liverpool as a part of Antiuniversity Now’s 2017 festival.

Studio-based university art education is a privilege that legitimises the artist’s career but it is expensive, unnecessary, and institutional. β€˜Nanny Cam’ brings together films made by artists in their time working in retail, in the army, and bars. A few are unemployed, while one is a technician and another a nanny. A couple are alumni - but of Geography or Economics; or creative disciplines in which video is a peripheral outcome, such as Textiles or Architecture. All those involved have come to video through alternative epistemologies and cultures.

On this page, we’ll be interviewing the artists involved, and asking them about their lives, practices, and the politics that allow some to exhibit professionally but not others.


Screenshot of film by Amartey Golding showing a black ballet dancer wearing fur around their shoulders and a headpiece made of chainmail