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Episode 18: SOUND! (& Jai Paul Supremacy)

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it's just a really weird coincidence

Speakers: Zarina Muhammad

Hello, and welcome back to the latest episode of the White Pube podcast. My name is Zarina Muhammad and a little bit of a different one today, but the same as last week’s so not actually that different. But yeah, basically it’s another magazine style podcast episode. And, I can’t say, because we are writing something that we can’t talk about. We can’t show you yet. You will see it eventually. But basically, we make plans and God laughs! That’s what’s happened this week.

So my sincerest, most heartfelt apologies that this is not a brand new text for you on the website, but the benefit of being ye olde art critics and approaching 30 rapidly, is that we have a whole back catalogue. This is the one good thing about aging, we have a whole back catalogue that we can pull from like seven and a half years of writing that many of you probably many of you may not have been around for because I don’t know how long you’ve been here. Who are you? What are you doing? When did you join? Not to turn this suspicion back on you, apologies.

This week’s magazine style podcast episode is curated around the theme of sound. And I’m like retro ctively claiming that this is because, like, grand conspiracy, like wild coincidence, serendipity and all that because, by the time this podcast episode comes out, it’ll be Sunday 16th of April and Jai Paul will have already played his Coachella set. Now if there’s one thing that you need to know about me it is that I am Jai Paul’s number one fan. I don’t actually know if I can claim that with any kind of real – I love Jai Paul. That’s the point. If there’s one thing that you could put into a summoning circle to summon me, it would be Jai Paul’s album. But all like, you know, many other things probably like a little oat flat white, cherry elf bar, white Nikes, a tiny painting of a horse. There are so many things. But Jai Paul is one of them. One of the foundational pieces that build up the architecture of my personality: Jai Paul, love Jai Paul.

And I think that’s nice, serendipity that we’re doing this about sound. My text about Jai Paul is one of the texts in this magazine episode, and reading it back today, I really like it when we publish reviews that are just I love this thing. And here’s why. And it’s like passionate fandom. Like, you know, when you really, really love something, and you’re trying to split the hairs trying to figure out why. I think that is labor that is so worth doing. Because I wrote the text about Jai Paul, and just read the text about Jai Paul. I love him more. I love him more for having figured out why I love him.

But also, in general, I think sound is like a really ethereal, intangible, wispy, palpable, is a bizarre medium for art to be in. Right? So I think it’s interesting that we’ve approached the subject of sound through so many different angles and through so many different artworks that that handle it as a medium, so differently. And maybe it’s interesting to read all of these together to try and get to grips with maybe the essence of something – God knows.

But yeah, I’ll tell you the emoji You got to wait n listen for at the end. There are four texts. And they are:

Jai Paul

Alexandra Pirici @ the New Museum

Symphony for 20 rooms @ Den Frie Udstilling, Copenhagen

Ain Bailey: Version @ Wysing Arts Centre

I hope you enjoy. And apologies again, to all of our readers, listeners and supporters on Patreon and PayPal, I’m so sorry that this is not a new text. Please stick with us. Thank you so much for your generosity and patience with us at the moment. I hope I can only hope that your patience and your generosity here is well rewarded at the end of this weird, wacky, long period of work. But thank you for listening/reading!

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