the best of the white pube


here are the ?seminal? texts on the white pube that we think new readers could use as their orientation here on our big mad website. We’ve been writing since 2015 so there’s a lot of stuff on here and you might not know where to begin. Maybe this mix of reviews and essays would be a good place to start:

texts by gdlp (gabrielle de la puente)

Are white girls capabale of making art that’s not about themselves? revisited in this podcast episode

Level One Identity Art

A review of The Last of Us Part II

Why museums are bad vibes revisited in this podcast episode

A review of Mauro C. Martinez’s show at Unit London

texts by zm (zarina muhammad)

I hate Dishoom revisited in this podcast episode

A review of the Marble Arch Mound

Can White People Ever Be Radical

What do critics do?

Zarina’s favourite painter


We aim to put out a new Thing every Sunday, taking turns writing reviews and essays, making videos, or recording podcast episodes. If we write a text, we’ll put out an audio-only version, and if we put out a podcast, we’ll upload the transcript so hopefully people can find a format that best suits them. Sometimes, there are also video versions so I’ll drop one of those below and leave it at that.

Lots to be getting on with! You can get an update about when a new post is out by following us on Instagram or Twitter, joining the Discord, subscribing to RSS (best option imo), or just by waking up on a Sunday and feeling in your bones that today is a new white pube day and checking the website for a surprise :p our personal twitters are here and here, see ya on the internet xxxxxxxx