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Episode 19: ART SCHOOL!

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a weird place for weird people doing weird things. these are 3 texts that discuss ways it could all be less WEIRD!

Speakers: Zarina Muhammad & Gabrielle de la Puente

This week weโ€™ve got a magazine episode, three texts that discuss potential possibilities for Arts Education, which is like a really fancy nice way of saying: art school is bonkers. Itโ€™s a weird place for weird people doing weird things (we spoke about that at length a couple months ago, in an ep about Art School Horror Stories โ€” listen here)

If that’s the way art schools are, where’s the wriggle room? What other ways could arts education be set up? How else can we do this in a way that feels a bit more comfortable, productive, helpful and educational actually? Certain things get handed down and no one ever questions them. So the three texts do that questioning, and they are:

Thomas Hirschhorn @ Kochi Biennial

Art Squool

Manifesto, Ane Hjort Guttu