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I thought it might be nice to round up everything I’ve written in 2022 for your sake and also mine. I just posted my last text of the year. We take December off every year and while I’ll still be writing, it is all for the book and won’t be public for quite some time. 2021 was a year of body upheaval and 2022 has been an attempt at finding my balance again, but ending up somewhere new entirely. In terms of my writing, I started the year focused on writing about games and then I went sideways. Things also had to change when we started book writing in earnest from August onwards – more podcasts, less texts. So anyway, here is how the year played out:


  1. I’m addicted to a game
  2. Review: Apex Legends


  1. Review: Unpacking
  2. Review: Pokemon Legends Arceus


  1. Review: Uncharted 4
  2. Review: Beat Saber


  1. Learning to Cheat
  2. Review: Old


  1. Review: Chaotic Nightclub Photos
  2. Review: @afffirmations
  3. Review: @boschbot


  1. Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once


  1. Review: Tell Me I’m Worthless
  2. Level One Identity Art
  3. Review: The Long Dark


  1. Review: Stray


  1. Review: Prima Facie


  1. Mission Shitpost Statement


  1. Review: Sable




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My favourite text? I only ever really like the most recent thing I’ve written so today it is Sable. But actually maybe Apex. Because it made me come to terms with why the game had such a hold on me, and when I started playing I never expected to come to these conclusions or have these reactions

My least favourite? Learning to Cheat. I dunno - it’s fine but I think I was getting angsty with games at that point and I didn’t realise soon enough that I didn’t have to only write about games, i can do whatever i want baby

The most popular? I don’t look at analytics anymore but I think it will have been Level One Identity Art

The least popular? Probably Unpacking because it is just a rando indie game and people generally don’t wanna click on things they don’t already know about


What’s new? I wrote about a play! I wrote about a book! I wrote about multiple social media accounts! I decided we should add a blog section to the website and now I can’t stop doing little updates like this. Oh and I resurrected our youtube channel so i could do things like this


I feel really happy with where my writing is at and I am excited to see where it goes next year, continuing to channel the fact I can write about whatever I want (and I should push that). I’m kind of sad to see the output decrease as the year plays out but it is with good reason. We are writing a book. The contract is all signed. It’s official and terrifying but motivating and creative too. There is a lot of book to write, that’s the only thing. So we have had to change things around in order to be able to keep up with our book writing schedule. Instead of taking turns publishing a new text each Sunday, the month generally looks like this now: a me review, a zarina review, announcement of the latest creatives grant recipient, another text/podcast. The creatives grant taking up that Sunday slot has given us sooo much more time to write the book. But it is also giving me more time overall to consider what texts I’m putting out in the Sunday slots. I don’t think I would have had the headspace or the nerve to do Museum Shitpost Statement if it wasn’t for this switch up - and with the things I’m learning from spending so much time writing the book, I don’t think I would have written something as liquid and braided as Sable.

I have been worried about people losing interest in TWP if we don’t have the very regular Sunday content people know us for but it seems to be going okay and that’s a relief. I think a more pressing problem is social media tanking for everyone. I saw someone tweet today that they want the kind of success that gets them off social media, and even tho that’s cringe I want it to – just so I don’t have to do the Sunday reminders, and people just magically know ohhh it’s a sunday gonna check what the new text is on the white pube. It’s why I’m becoming so into RSS as a way to sidestep social media. This blog post will just go out as an update and whoever has us in their RSS feeder is sorted.

Plus, the new writing schedule of text-text-announcement-podcast means that we can try to get that bonus chatty podcast episode sponsored like we were able to with Mubi last month. This is important because our Patreon has dipped aaand our regular income from doing an advice column is dead in a ditch, so business wise it feels sensible. Just gotta actually find more sponsors now 8-) easier said than done.


Next year??? All I know for sure is a God of War Ragnarok review. The new Pokemon game, probably. I think it’s time I tried a soulslike. But what I imagine is that I am going to be so stressed out with trying to get the book finished that I will write about things I can quickly consume – a film, a TV show I’m already watching. If you have any requests, please @ me on twitter (quickly before we all leave the app because it’s dead)

We are using our December off this year to go to Ireland to write the book and I am planning on making a vlog so you can look forward to that :)

where I’ve been writing all year:

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